We all know the value of gold, but for me that word in its hearing is identical to something else equally valuable. And this other one is a big part of my life.

My golden angel now-my grandfather-Yiannis Chrysos. It is he who inspired me in this effort that with method and discipline both in my skills and in the perspectives of space was achieved the best possible result. It was a bet with myself to be worthy of him but also to prove to this special man that his will and his passion for this here the place he was born was not forgotten so easily.

And although he is no longer with us, the experiences and what he taught us are a tool to continue that he created on the island that so loved his one and only Santorini.

Something that proves our brand Ifestau. 4 which the first part derives from the Hephaestus-God of fire-but also identifies with the volcano located in the horizon of our rooms. While the suffix is the symbolism for the chemical element-the gold-a and he couldn't miss his report even symbolically.

Finally the number 4 symbolizes 4 faces of my family-my mother, my older sisters and me-which was his treasure as he used to say. With joy and gratitude so that I met and grew up with this golden angel, I welcome you and wish you cope to your expectations in our Aurum suites.

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